I am the owner of a non medical in-home caregiver agency.  One of our clients is providing quite a challenge due to his anger, agitation, racial slurs towards caregivers, as well as inappropriate sexual comments and gestures.  He is 83 years old and does not have dementia.  He does have back pain arthritis, enlarged prostrate, glaucoma, HBP, and is hard of hearing.  His speech is slurred due to several strokes.  He has a catheter.  He is a fall risk, but is ambulatory with  the aide of a cane.  He is taking quetiapine (seroquel) 25 mg, twice daily.  I know seroquel can cause problems so I’m wondering if there is something you would suggest as an alternative.  His anger can be triggered by something as simple as having difficulty dialing the phone.  The biggest issue we’re having is with the inappropriate sexual comments and gestures. -Craig Falk