No matter what you or your loved one’s situation is, Dr Liz has helped other people just like you. Click the links below to watch their stories, and see how Dr Liz was able to make simple yet effective changes — changes that yielded big improvements in their day-to-day lives.


“I have a lovely, darling, soft, gentle lady in my life…and she suffers from dementia. Her symptoms escalated, and we got to the point where we were trying everything. We went to different doctors; we tried everything. Finally, I got ahold of you. I found your name and number, and I talked to you. You got rid of half of the medications. More than half.”

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“Back in 2017, my stepfather passed away, and what that left was a mom who had been basically protected for many years by my stepdad, in terms of her cognitive ability. She seemed to be doing okay for a while, and then about, I would say, six months in, her neighbor called me to let me know that she was wandering around the neighborhood in the middle of the night, knocking on doors. After about a year of this, my wife…discovered Dr. Landsverk.”

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“My mother’s 93 years old living in Florida. Up until Thanksgiving this year, she was living by herself, driving herself to the store, taking care of business, taking care of her health, going to doctors. [Then] I got videos from neighbors saying ‘Your mom’s having trouble getting into her house. She’s forgetting things.’ [She’s] going to continue her care, ongoing, with Dr. Landsverk’s help and making sure the meds are right. And I’m just so grateful.”

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