No matter what you or your loved one’s situation is, Dr Liz has helped other people just like you.

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“Right around age 80, my mother would start misrecognizing my father…my dad would call me in a frantic struggle to know what to do with my mom. We went through about a year of constantly calling 911…I knew that I needed to buy time for my dad, because I knew that he wasn’t capable of caring for her in the home.”

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“She had no idea what was going on. [Dementia] changed our lives entirely…it was around 2018 when I started to notice her inability to complete her thoughts and sentences. She would become disoriented and lost, unable to go to familiar locations on her own. As her illness progressed, she would have lapses…she thought of me as a stranger.”

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“My mom was the matriarch of our family…then she started calling a lot, and not knowing that she had called…and she got agitated. And the first thing that was needed was some meds, because she was sundowning. And once you applied some of those medications, she became herself again…she became more gentle and more polished.”

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At the time, she was…dealing with psychosis type situations…so we exercised every option that we had, but it basically got to a point where [she] got so bad that they wanted us to go to assisted living, and we didn’t want to do that. She was not getting any better. Aggression was getting worse…but now…we call you and we make that little adjustment, and she’s much better…game changer quality-of-life. She has a quality of life now.

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“The biggest issue was that he has 20 tumors around the nerve area in the liver. So he was in a lot of pain…he said, ‘I’m in so much pain, I just want to die’ in Taiwanese. The sad part was they gave him a lot of [sedatives]. So he was always asleep. But when he’d wake up, he was in a lot of sharp pain and he would start howling like a wolf…and so we just gave [Doctor Liz] one hundred percent of our trust.”

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“Well, it does take a village and you know, what a gift you have given Richard, to allow him to stay [comfortable at] home, when it looked like he probably wasn’t going to be able to. I think…I couldn’t do this by myself, if I don’t have caregivers that are looking after him and, and sometimes I hear from other families, and this is where…the team that you work with is so important.

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